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HIPS lotus

HIPS lotus

© Eiko Nakazawa, Akiko Fujisawa, Masaki Kondo (Hitachi High-Tech corporation)

The image is made by giving colors on a 60-degree-tilted TEM image of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). The specimen is freeze-scraped and dyed with osmium tetroxide. Dyed butadiene rubber particles spreads out thorough the specimen. It looks like a floating lotus on a pond.

At 63rd photo contest hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy in 2007.


  • Specimen: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)(cryosection)
  • Instrument: Transmission Electron Microscope H-7650
  • Magnification : × 3,000
  • Accelerating voltage: 120 kV
All information related to these photographers is based on the information when the photo was taken.
This work was presented at the "photo contest" hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy.
Reproduction or republication without permission prohibited.
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