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Seaside house -The excitement of the seashore-

Seaside house -The excitement of the seashore-

© Asako Kaneko, Mami Konomi, Syunya Watanabe (Hitachi High-Technlogies Corporation)
© Satoshi Nishioka, Shinji Fukumoto, Michiya Matsushima, Kozo Fujimoto (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)
© Nobuo Kamada (Kaken Tech Corporation)

This is a pseudo-colored SEM image of the sealing place between copper and adhesive material that is cross-sectioned with Ar+ ion beam. The ragged interface of the sealing place and silver particles distributed in the adhesive can be clearly observed. It looks like marine liveson the seashore.

1st Prize. At 69th photo contest hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy in 2013.


  • Specimen: Silicon rubber mixtured silver particles / epoxy resin composite
  • Instrument: Ion Milling System IM4000
  • Instrument: Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8040
  • Accelerating voltage: 1.0 kV
This work was presented at the "photo contest" hosted by the Japanese Society of Microscopy.
Reproduction or republication without permission prohibited.
"nanoart" is registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in Japan.