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Tabletop MicroscopeHitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Offers advanced analysis functionality and flexible configuration of settings and conditions.
Can be combined with a motorized stage to automate analysis.

AZtec Energy


Wide-area mapping package

Wide-area analysis
Automatically acquire data for multiple specified regions to produce a single combined set of mapping information.

Wide-area mapping package

Particle analysis package

Particle analysis
This analysis tool enables automated statistical processing, including classifying particles and determining particle size distributions from qualitative or quantitative analysis of particles detected in each view segment.

Particle analysis package



Items Description
Detector type Silicon drift detector
Detection area 30 mm2
Energy resolution 158 eV(Cu-Kα) (equivalent to 137 eV with MnKα)
Detection element B5 - U92
Thermal recycle Can be cooled, but only if required
Cooling method 2-level Peltier (No cooling fan; liquid nitrogen not required)
Cooling not necessary if not used

Size / weight

Items Description
EDX Detector 145 (width) × 150 (depth) × 200 (height) mm, 2.7 kg
X-stream 2 (EDX pulse processor) 180 (width) × 260 (depth) × 330 (height) mm, 2.9 kg
MicsF+ (external scan unit) 180 (width) × 260 (depth) × 330 (height) mm, 2.9 kg
PC unit (PC, monitor, keyboard) Standard

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