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Tabletop MicroscopeHitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Simle, intuitive operation

  • High-speed color X-ray mapping with easy operation
  • Move to specified locations to observe local spectra
  • Hypermap allows spot analysis, line analysis, and mapping results with just a single measurement

TM3030 and Quantax70

Sample configuration in combination with a TM3030 series instrument
*Screen shows simulated image.


Hypermapping enables many different types of analysis

Spot analysis
The displayed spectrum tracks the motion of the spot in real time, allowing easy visualization of elements of interest.

Element mapping
A high-throughput(30 mm2) detector allows rapid acquisition of mapping images. Combine with spot analysis to acquire rich, multifaceted information on your sample.

Line analysis
View spectral distributions in real time while varying the position, length, width, and thickness of the line.

Sample measurements with the Quantax70: Analysis of a mineral sample (no vapor deposition)


Detector type Silicon drift detector (SDD)
Energy resolution 154 eV (Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 135 eV with Mn-Kα)
Detection element B5 - Am95
Qualitative analysis Auto ID and manual ID
Quantitative analysis Standardless quantitative analysis

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