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Kidney biopsy tissue
(Overlay images of electron microscope and fluorescent microscope)

Images of Kidney biopsy tissue

Specimens and data provided by Dep. of Analytic Human Pathology, Nippon Medical School, Yukinari Masuda, Ph.D.

Image comparison software, Azblend (Option), enables to overlay electron microscope image and fluorescence microscope image and results to obtain new information on the specimens.
After overlaid image is created, detailed position can be checked with changing transmittance ratio.
An aimed position is to be determined with an image of fluorescence microscope then detailed share of the same position can be observed with an image of electron microscope. Furthermore, it enables to overlay with other microscope images or CAD data.

Image overlay and comparison verification software AZblend

  • Image overlay with intuitive operation
  • Transmitance rate is changeable for comparative verification
  • Easy adjustment for differences in magnification or angle
  • Keystone functions for monochromatic, band-pass and difference filtering
  • Overlay images can be stored (BMP format)

Product introduction video (youtube)

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