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Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc.

Gregory Rigby, President

Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. is an U.S. corporation of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation, Tokyo Japan.

Recognized as the world leader in X-ray detectors, our R&D, manufacturing and services are available to strengthen your research and product development. Many leading edge manufacturers that produce X-Ray Fluorescence Instrumentation (XRF) and research institutions operating High Energy Physics (HEP) centers around the world utilize our Vortex® detector technology.

In June 2017, we opened our new facility called Hitachi High Tech Science Park in Chatsworth, CA where we established our new manufacturing and development center. Featuring an open lab architecture, enabling us to tailor our manufacturing workflow depending on customers' requirements.

Including this new facility, we extend our commitment to our customers to provide superior solutions and higher quality products to meet the current and future demands of our customers and society; resulting in our continued commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through the advancement of science and technology for all Mankind.


Gregory Rigby

Gregory Rigby, President