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Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc.

About Us

On May 20, 2014, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation announced with Air Water Plant & Engineering Inc., the establishment of Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc. (HTAW), a joint venture based in Vancouver, B.C., that will engage in the manufacture and sale of LNG transportation tank containers and related products and services.

The newly established HTAW will conduct a manufacture and sales operation for the LNG transport tank containers and related products, which offer high transportation efficiency, to realize safe, efficient transportation of small to medium volumes of natural gas. Specifically, HTAW will use Hitachi High-Tech’s sales expertise and network in the North American market to market LNG transportation tank containers that utilize AWP’s cryogenic thermal insulation technologies offering superior performance against shock and vibration during transport.

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In Japan, Air Water Plant & Engineering has over 30 years of experience in LNG transportation and a 60% share of the LNG transportation market, with more than 300 tanks manufactured since 1999.

LNG truck

LNG truck


Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo leverages Air Water Plant & Engineering's more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing 40ft ISO LNG containers, LNG delivery trucks, and small, medium & large scale cryogenic liquid storage tanks and tank trucks.

40ft LNG tank container


  1. Superior performance: Proprietary vacuum/insulation engineering performs better in high vibration and ocean shipping environments.
  2. Less maintenance: Tanks remain longer in operation between routine inspections.
  3. Safer: Less pressure rise in inner tank even if vacuum breach occurs in case of accident.