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Hitachi High-Tech in Korea

  • High-speed/Low temperature plasma cleaning
  • Advanced flow pattern design
  • High automation and operation friendly design
  • Extremely high cleaning uniformity/Very little gas consumption



  • In-line plasma cleaning process
  • High-speed plasma cleaning : 28~33 sec/cycle including loading, plasma treatment and unloading
  • Chamber capability : 2~3 strips or 5~6 strips of substrates or lead-frames in one cycle
  • Operation mode: Manual or Auto mode
  • Multiple processing gases(Ar, O2, H2, Mixed gas etc.) capable of achieving the best surface cleaning and treatment
  • Physical, Chemical or Physical/Chemical

Application fields

Wafer cleaning, Flip-chip, various kinds of BGA, process before Die-bonding, Wire-bonding, Molding in IC packaging or LED packaging etc.