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Hitachi High-Tech in Korea

  • Momentarily heat the surface only to high temperature without damaging substrate(annealing)
  • Multi-function Curing ~ Improve conductivity / improve adhesion / quick dry / reduce resistance / soldering



  • Precisely control irradiation light of our proprietary high XENON lamp, high power,
    short pulse irradiation. Even on a substrate with low heat resistance, without damaging it.
  • Momentarily heat the surface only to high temperature, dry and bake(annealing).


Display, CPI, PI, OLED, Perovskite Solar cell etc.

PI(Touch Sensor/Semicondurtor), Ferrite etc.

Conductive Film, Conductive Ink, Perovskite Solar cell etc.

Semiconductor Package, Micro LED etc.

Simulation Software of its own
Able to simulate the process before an actual process

Limitless of Processing Area

Able to connect numerous lamps for the larger processing area depending on the customers' requiry

【For R&D】                                    【For Mass Production】