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Hitachi High-Tech in Malaysia

Utilising its networking strength, especially with Hitachi, Hitachi High-Tech IPC (M) Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Nissei Sangyo IPC (M) Sdn. Bhd.) was set up as International Procurement Center, to assume an important role of developing & promoting Malaysian-made products in the global arena. Since its incorporation, through collaborating with Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, which has a network of 67 offices in 21 countries, development on export market for Malaysian manufactured products had been enhanced extensively.

Hitachi High-Tech IPC covers both domestic and overseas market such as America, Europe, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and various Asian countries. We also coordinate well with overseas suppliers and work very closely with Hitachi in the procurement process to ensure excellent quality on delivery.

Over the years, Hitachi High-Tech IPC has grown to be the market leader in providing leading-edge electronics related products, be it industrial materials, components or finished products. We endeavour to enhance our customers' growth and would continue to do so by strengthening our presence in the competitive and ever changing environment. We are always at the forefront to assist our customers through product innovation, speed on delivery, value-added services and breaching boundaries through our worldwide networks.

In our quest for competitive edge in the international market, we will continue to invest in Malaysia to source for cost effective and premier grade material. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of success. We are very committed to bring excellence through our core values and are trusted to provide the best to Malaysia and worldwide community as a whole.