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Hitachi High-Tech in Malaysia

Industrial Materials

Special Steel Products

  • Metal alloys for construction, high alloy tubes, stainless steel, stainless pipes, bearing steel
  • Powdered metals
  • Steel casting products

Construction Materials

  • Steel construction materials (basebacks, sashes, metal plates)
  • Other contruction materials

Plastic Resin

PC, PC Alloy, ABS, BMC, PMMA, PS, PP, COP, PPS, PE Alloy, and Other from Foreign suppliers (Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, China)

Plastic Parts

Precision parts, Optical Lenz, Common Molding parts, and Assy parts from Malaysian and Indonesian suppliers

Metal Material

Aluminum products, Special steel products, Cupper products

Metal Parts

Press parts, Forged parts, CNC parts

Automotive Sensor & Control Devices

Automotive Devices

  • Sensors for automobiles
  • Pressure switches and pressure sensors