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Hitachi High-Technologies in Singapore

Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8200 Series

The SU8200 FE-SEM is equipped with a novel CFE gun which employes Hitachi's patented "Mild Flashing" technology and a new vacuum system, minimizing gas mulecule deposition on the emitter tip.


Hitachi's next generation Cold Field Emission SEM offers unmatched low-voltage imaging and comprehensive analytical microanalysis with the uncompromised performance of CFE.

The 8200 Series FE-SEM employs a novel cold field emission (CFE) gun for improved imaging and analytical performance. The newly designed Hitachi CFE gun complements the inherent high resolution and brightness of conventional CFE with increased probe current and beam stability.

The members of the SU8200 family offer a variety of stage, specimen chamber and signal detection system configurations to meet the wide range of customer-specific needs for indispensable ultra-high-resolution microscopy in nanotechnology fields such as semiconductors, electronics, catalysts and other functional materials, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.



New Source and Detection Technology from Hitachi

    • Increased probe current for S/N and analytical performance
    • Unparalleled imaging throughput with improved CFE beam stability

Optics and detection system
Schematic of SU8200:Optics and detection system

    • Enhanced deceleration and selective energy filter providing fine contrast differentiation at low accelerating voltages


"Low loss BSE" delivers signals from very shallow specimen depths (~ a few nm), and those signals can be acquired by an energy filtered BSE detector such as SU8200's "TOP detector".
Through "Low-loss BSE" detection, the right image shows the TOPMOST material information.


Application Data

Life Sciences

Cryogenic examination of Budding Yeast

PF face of the cell membrane
Acceleration Voltage:1.5 kV, SE image

Magnetotactic Bacteria

Acceleration Voltage:30 kV
BF(left) and DF(right) STEM images

Materials Science

Asbestos Fiber : Lattice imaging in SEM-STEM

Crocidolite(fibrous riebeckite)
Line profile from STEM image illustrates (100) plane lattice (d=0.84 nm)

Graphene : Correlative microscopy with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

SEM: Extreme Low Voltage image(50 eV)


Dopant contrast of SRAM cross section

IM4000 Condition
Processing : Flat milling, Vacc. : 0.5 kV
Eccentricity : 0, Tilt : 15°, Mode : F0

FIB (40 kV) + IM4000
FIB (40 kV) + IM4000

Montage Large Area High Pixel Imaging

Wide area automatic imaging by use of Zigzag capturing

Vacc. : 5 kV
Magnification : ×20 k/frame
Pixels : 1,280×960 pixels/frame
The number of images : 42 frames of width × 14 frames of length = 588 frames
Acquisition time :260 min.

Article information on Hitachi technical magazine "SI NEWS"

Scientific Instrument NEWS SI NEWS

This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments. Those authors are notable researchers and Hitachi application engineers. This is an article of Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8200 Series


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This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.