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Hitachi High-Technologies in Singapore

Web Telemeter Dweb 2000 Series

The Dweb2000 series is a telemeter that can be used as a water supply instrumentation device, etc.; it can be installed at the side of the field mounting. If there is a PC and internet connection, this web telemeter can be connected to the web to monitor on-site installation from your office, home, etc.
This device accumulates data and monitors the state of operation of the on-site equipment; it is composed of a modem / voice notification device and a web server that generates and provides the accumulated data. It is also possible for the equipment to send out an alarm for any abnormality that occurs in the on-site equipment and send an alarm by email or voice in your mobile phone.


Small size with DIN rail mounting. (94H x 70D x 300W or less, not including protrusions)

Complete monitoring input

  • Analog input: 8 points / sheet, maximum of 2 sheets .... stack required items and package
  • Digital Input: 16 points / sheet, maximum of 2 sheets .... stack required items and package
  • Pulse input: 2 points / sheet, maximum of 2 sheets .... stack required items and package

Can be used in a variety of networks

  • Telephone lines
  • CATV
  • Campus LAN (Ethernet), etc.

Remote maintenance is possible

  • Remote maintenance such as configuration changes can be performed through the network

The reports can be edited using Excel (monthly and annual reports can also be created)

Main web screen example

Configuration diagram