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Hitachi High-Technologies in Singapore

Analog Type Absolute Pressure Transmitter  EDR-N6AL

The Hitachi HINL N6 Series analog transmitters are high-performance transmitters equipped with the semiconductor sensor of N6 series that are proven to be highly reliable.
In addition to the highly trusted reliable design that was inherited from the technology of the transmitter of the N6 series, the EDR-N6AL is the next generation analog type transmitter that is equipped with a static pressure effect correction function.


Analog Type Transmitter HINL N6 Series Common Specifications
Output 4 - 20mA DC
Power supply voltage 11.4 - 28V DC
Allowable load resistance 600Ω (at 24V DC power supply voltage)
Operating temperature limits 0 - 70°C
Storage temperature limits -40 to 85°C
Operating humidity limits 5 - 100%RH
Allowable radiation dose 51.6C/kg(2×105R)
Site vibration Less than 29.4 m/s2 continuous vibration
Structure Protection code JIS C 0920 IP67
Electrical connection G1/2
Arrester Built-in surge absorber
Surge current 600A (8 / 20μs, 2 times)
Paint color Light gray amplifier case (acid resistant coating)
Analog type Differential Pressure Transmitter EDR-N6AL Product Specification
Item / ModelAnalog Type Absolute Pressure Transmitter EDR-N6AL
Range code 200 1000 6000
Settable range limits 0 - 27kPa(abs) 0 - 133kPa(abs) 0 - 800kPa(abs)
Measuring span 6.7 - 27kPa(abs) 27 - 133kPa(abs) 133 - 800kPa(abs)
Accuracy ±0.5% (depending on the measuring span)
Working pressure limits From 0.133kPa (abs) to maximum value of range settings
Wetted parts temperature limits -20 to 120°C
MaterialDiaphragm SUS316L
Other wetted parts SUS316
Process connection Rc 1/2
Weight Approx. 2.8 kg