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Hitachi High-Tech in Singapore

Hard Disk Drives

Hard Drives

Hitachi hard disk drives power today's cutting-edge consumer electronics, from ultra-portable MP3 players and cell phones to design-in automotive applications and digital video recorders.

Consumer Electronics Drives

The Hitachi Consumer Electronics solution leverages Hitachi innovation, from silent-seek acoustics and thermal monitoring and fly-height control to SMART command transport, adaptive error recovery and SmoothStreamT technology. The result? "Bedroom-quiet" operation, cooler-running systems with longer battery lives, virtually zero disruption to streaming video, and disk drives that don't mind jostling and varied temperatures.

Hitachi Power Diode

Hitachi diodes support a wide range of applications from Consumer & Industrial to Automotive with a reputation for reliability. For critical systems utilising high voltage or those requiring surge suppression, Hitachi meet the most stringent technical demands.


KOE ( Kao Shiung Opto Electronics) is a display manufacturer dedicated to industrial displays, very good reputation for high quality panels and long term supply for both STN & TFT display technologies.

Nanxo LCD

Nanxo LCD a memory holding LCD panel. The display is maintained without power supply after writing. Compared with conventional LCDs, this has a wider viewing angle and clear visibility from a wide range. This is suited for displays, such as a still image on sign board. We supply you with custom designed LCD for your various needs.
Main applications of Cholesteric LCD:

  • Sign Board
  • Electronic Book
  • Price Tag
  • Name Plate