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Hitachi High-Technologies in Thailand

In 1994, we have established a local subsidiary as a trading company engaged in the selling of electronic components of home appliances and raw materials.

Since then, along with the expansion of industry in Thailand, not only in the consumer electronics industry, but we also have increased our sales of analysis and inspection equipment, assembly equipment, materials and parts for office automation (OA), information technology (IT), and automotive industry.

In the meantime, we have received certification from the International Procurement Office (IPO) and trade support office of Thailand (TISO), and in Thailand, the automotive and electronics industry has become our core business.

In addition, the business of providing supply chain solutions to clients, and providing support to the importation and procurement of parts from abroad has been rapidly expanding.

In the future, along with expanding into the field of social innovation in Thailand, we are working to expand our business to export parts from Thailand to the developing countries of the Mekong region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar).