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Instruments & Control Systems Related Solutions

Instruments & Control Systems

With technologies developed over the years,we provide products in the process fields of chemistry,food,and pharmaceuticals;waste incineration in the field of the environment;and electricity,gas,water and sewage in the field of social innovation to create value with our customers.

Comprehensive MES Solution CyberPlant

Integrrated Batch Production System HIBIS
Operation Support System Hicompassage
Actual Performance Management and Analysis System CyberBridge
Electronic Printer CyberPrinter
MES System for Food Factory CyberChefood
MES System for Chemical Factory CyberChemifact
Work Management System

Integrated Instrumentation System

Integrated Instrumentation System EX-N01A
Compact Instrumentation System PD-N01

Panel Instruments

HINL100A/200A Series Signal Converters
HINL150A/250A Series Signal Converters
HINL200A Series Computing Unites
The Compact Plug-in Arrestors for Indoor
HINL200A Series Digital Alarm Setter
Unitrol ED Series
Unitrol E Series


FMR204A High-Performance Electromagnetic Flowmeter
FMR104A Compact Electromagnetic Flowmeter
FMR404 High-Performance Electromagnetic Flowmeter
FMR504A Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter
FUR-3 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Level Meters

LRR300 Radio Level Meters
Ultrasonic Level Meters
Float Type Level Meter

Consistency Transmitter

Consistency Transmitter for the Sugar Manufacture Plant

Process Monitor

Process Gas Monitor
Dioxin Precursor CP-2000 / PCB Monitor CP-2000P

Service Support