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Please join us for our free webinar, "Why Did It Do That? Problem Solving Using Thermal Analysis," presented by Kevin Menard, Ph.D. Registration is required.


1:00 PM EDT, Thursday, July 16, 2020 (Approx. 1 hour long)

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Thermal analysis can help you understand material behavior.

Oftentimes materials don’t do what we expect. Be it a standard for chromatography or an API, cloudiness or brittleness in molded parts, or differences in mechanical behavior, thermal methods can be used to investigate the source of the problem. Dr. Kevin Menard discusses several examples of how thermal analysis can help understand material misbehavior.


Atsushi Muto
Kevin Menard, Ph.D.

Dr. Menard has over 40 years of experience in chemistry and material science. A fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Institute of Chemists, he has worked in a range of industries including oil and gas, polymers, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, academia, and instrumentation. He currently works for Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. as a product manager. He has over 100 publications, the latest being the third edition of his book, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis.


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