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HiQ eSystems Access System

The HiQ eSystems Access System with LiveView provides a user-friendly interface to set up and monitor your equipment connected with HiQ eSystems.


Simple, User-Friendly Interface

HiQ eSystems® Access System is an add-on service to HiQ eSystems Remote-Monitoring Systems and provides a simple, user-friendly interface to manage your HiQ eSystems monitor settings and visually monitor all your equipment.

  • Temperature data at configurable intervals
  • Store and transmit data with configurable parameters
  • Custom alerts for out-of-spec environmental conditions
  • Increased data transmissions when alarm or change conditions are exceeded
  • Remote re-configuration of sensors
  • Data accessibility via server, web-browser, and mobile devices
  • Press of a button remote upgrading of gateway firmware
  • Stores sample data during Power/LAN/Internet outages
  • Up to two months’ storage capacity of temperature data sampled every ten minutes is stored in sensor memory


LiveView is a user interface to show what’s happening on their assets at a quick glance. It provides three view options (all, per location, and alert only) so users can take an action quickly based on the information provided by LiveView. LiveView also has an option to display past 24-hour history. Older is available on Access System.

HiQ eSystems LiveView
HiQ eSystems LiveView

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