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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Nippon Signal PixelSoleil

PixelSoleil ZA1
Laser ranging image sensor


This Laser ranging image sensor uses an active method (pulse LED, detecting phase difference).
This sensor has high ambient light resistance, high image resolution (high speed frame rate), good environmental features and is usable outdoors (during the daytime and night)due to the high-performance CMOS image sensor.
It is also available with multiple sensors at the same time at the selected LED modulation frequency.


Detecting range 0.3m~4m H72°×V72°
Image resolution
/ Frame rate
126×126 / 30fps
Ranging accuracy ±130mm (2m / reflection rate 30%)
Dimensions / Weight W188×H70×D65mm / About 850g
Ambient light resistance 100,000 lx over ※IP65
Operating temperature
/ Storage temperature
-10℃~+50℃ / -20℃~+70℃
Supply voltage
/ Power consumption
DC+12V~+24V / 18W or less(stationary period)
Data interface Ethernet(TCP/IP)
Output data Range / reflection intensity / information of each image
IDE Visual C++
Accessories Viewing Software / Cable / Power supply (sample)


This sensor measures accurately the distance between the camera and the target by checking the time for the LED to travel to and from the target per pixel.
This sensor outputs range information to the target superimposed image information obtained at the same time on each of the pixels.