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Frequently asked questions about HiQ eSystems®:

What is Avatar technology?

HiQ eSystems® remote monitoring systems feature Avatar, a safer and more reliable alternative to glycol product simulants, providing a record and traceable path and tracking sensitive inventories every step of the way, from transit to storage and final delivery. HiQ eSystem® Avatars provide an accurate temperature data using mathematical models without the need for glycol or the need to open sealed packaging. Avatars can match various products’ container sizes, shapes, and compositions to keep your most valuable assets safe.

How can I make sure that I am in compliance with the FSMA ?

A: Industry experts agree that the only way to assure a company is compliant with the current FSMA is through frequent auditing. Hitachi’s automated systems reduce the chances for error in your Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures by eliminating the “pencil whipping” and missed readings, all too common in critical temperature monitoring.

How can remote monitoring and temperature alerts save me money?

First and foremost, remote monitoring automates a required process that is currently taking time away from your staff. Applying the same approach successfully used in industrial manufacturing, Hitachi brings automation of processes to food services. This allows the re-deployment of more-expensive human assets to essential operations, resulting in savings through improved worker productivity. Off-hours, your assets are continuously monitored, with alerts sent should a cooler or freezer malfunction, saving the significant cost of food replacement and avoiding the consequences of unwittingly serving your patrons tainted food.

How can improper asset management affect my brand's image?

Recent cases of non-death food poisoning have cost restaurant chains hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue alone, not including significant damage to the brand. Deploying the HiQ eSystems® asset monitoring system allows the user to proudly display the HiQ eSystems® Quality Assurance Partner logo on your door, advising your patrons that you care about their health and the quality of your products enough to monitor them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

How do alerts about increases or decreases in the temperatures of my storage units, freezer units, coolers, fryers, smokers, and other equipment help me save hundreds to thousands of dollars?

When you are alerted to increases or decreases in the temperature of your equipment, you can catch the problem before it’s too late and prevent food spoilage and contamination. This can help you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in lost assets. Spikes or dips in unit temperatures can also indicate equipment failures, and you can be notified about the potential issues and repair the equipment before it’s permanently damaged.

Does HiQ eSystems integrate or plug into other systems or platforms like point-of-sale systems, automated scheduling systems, or electronic logbook systems third party HACCP software?

Yes. HiQ eSystems can integrate or plug into most systems you may already be using in your facilities. Contact us for more information about your current systems and to discuss how we can integrate with your system.

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