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January 15, 2020

photo of FT160 series

Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation announced the release of the FT160 series of X-ray coating thickness gauges for measuring plating thickness and composition at micro spots of less than 100 micrometers in diameter.

Advances in mobile electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet PCs, as well as in automotive electronic components have resulted in the miniaturization of semiconductors, passive components, and electronic components. In order to secure performance and quality, as well as to reduce costs of these components, high accuracy and efficient measurement of plating thickness and composition at micro spots of less than 100 micrometers in diameter is required.

Equipped with a high count rate silicon drift detector as well as a polycapillary* focusing optics, the FT160 series is the latest model of high-performance coating thickness gauge that can rapidly measure plating thickness at micro spots. The improved X-ray detection mechanism achieves a measurement speed twice that of a conventional instrument (FT9500X). In addition, FT160 series is designed with ease of use and safety of operation in mind. As with our conventional instruments, a closed housing greatly minimizes the risk of X-ray leakage, ensuring a safe operation. In addition, samples can be easily set via a newly designed wide door and large sample observation window. Furthermore, a new operation software improves operability with a newly designed graphic user interface and an automatic data recording function helps reduce operator workload.

The FT160 series consists of 6 models; consisting of 2 types of x-ray source (high power or regular power) and 3 types of body size (type S, regular and type L).

Since the release of the first fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge in Japan in 1971, our products have garnered praise from users worldwide. Hitachi High-Tech Science will pursue to provide the required solutions of high-precision measurement of coating thickness with the FT160 series, as well as composition analysis of IC packaging, small chips, micro connector and printed circuit boards.

Polycapillary: An optical element that works like a convex lens to focus X-rays onto a micro spot and is composed of several thousands of glass capillary tubes.

Main features

  • Equipped with polyapillary as x-ray optics.
  • Equipped with a silicon drift detector (SDD) as detection system.
  • Automatic measurement assistant function enabled by image processing software.
  • Easy measurement operation enabled by simple software design and help function.
  • Safety-conscious instrument design.


Model FT160S FT160Sh FT160 FT160h FT160L FT160Lh
X-ray source Standard High-energy Standard High-energy Standard High-energy
Mo W Mo W Mo W
Elements Atomic No. 13(Al) to 92(U)
Sample stage (mm) 300(W) × 245(D) 420(W) × 320(D) 620(W) × 620(D)
Maximum sample size (mm) 300(X) × 245(Y) × 80(Z) 400(X) × 300(Y) × 100(Z) 600(X) × 600(Y) × 20(Z)


Keiichiro Shinohara
Yasuhiko Mochiduki
Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation