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The Koudaka (fief) system of the Edo period was really rational!

Base data: volume
1 koku = 10 to = 100 sho = 1000 go = 0.180390㎥

One koku is a year’s supply of rice for one person

The “fief of Kaga, which yielded one million koku of rice” was the territory of a great feudal lord. But what is one-million koku? “Koku” is equivalent to 1,000 go. So, if one person eats 3 go of rice a day, how many days will it take to eat one koku? 333.33 days – nearly one year. So, a koku is the amount of rice one person can eat in a year. In Kaga, it was calculated as the amount sufficient to support one-million people.