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About Marine Site About Naka-Marine Site

What is Naka-Marine Site?

Naka-Marine Site

Along with changes in social conditions, there has been proactive investment in data centers to support the increase in data traffic due to the implementation of AI and IoT and the advancement of support for 5G. Demand for tablets and smartphones is also increasing due to the spread of working from home and online classes.
Furthermore, the semiconductor market is expected to develop and grow significantly in line with increasing demand for semiconductor devices for automotive applications, such as in electric vehicles and for autonomous driving.
It was in these market conditions that the new Naka-Marine Site factory—which is responsible for the design, development, and manufacture of semiconductor production equipment and analysis equipment—was constructed with the aim of expanding production capacity for core products (primarily semiconductor manufacturing equipment) and creating a development environment that will enable a diverse product lineup.

Location Shinkocho, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture
Site area approx. 125,000 m²
Total floor area approx. 50,000 m²
Structure Steel frame, six-floor building
Total investment approx. 30 billion yen ($275M)
【Main Features】
Establishing highly efficient and stable production system through DX and enhancing development environment of products and solutions.
Contributing to the elimination of CO2 emissions and realization of a decarbonized society through operations with the use of renewable energy.
Giant QR code on the roof created through a new recruits’ project.

Establishing Highly Efficient and Stable Production System through DX and Enhancing Development Environment of Products and Solutions

Naka-Marine Site

The Naka-Marine Site is a state-of-the-art smart factory which promotes DX (Digital Transformation) by utilizing IoT. Development and production systems are enhanced by centrally managing manufacturing data such as production progress, product performance and production environment, and by visualizing information on each production process. In addition, processes have been automated or fully automated (unstaffed) through the implementation of automated parts transport and remote adjustment. Hitachi High-Tech has established the highly efficient and stable production system to respond to the increasing demand of the growing semiconductor-related market. In addition, to meet customers' needs for high-precision tool-to-tool matching, Hitachi High-Tech has created a production environment with cleanrooms that are equivalent to those used by customers for the production of semiconductor devices. The development environment will be strengthened and enhanced through collaboration between the designers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and designers of analysis equipment. This will also speed up product development and strengthen the competitiveness of Hitachi High-Tech products. Hitachi High-Tech will also continue the contribution to resolving the various issues that our customers face arising from the miniaturization of semiconductor device structures.

Contributing to the Elimination of CO2 Emissions and realization of a Decarbonized Society through Operations with the Use of Renewable Energy

The Hitachi High-Tech Group aims to achieve zero CO2 emissions by FY2030. Work is ongoing to reduce CO2 emissions by gradually switching to renewable energy sources for the electricity used at all Hitachi High-Tech sites. The Naka-Marine Site has achieved zero CO2 emissions immediately upon completion as it uses renewable energy and is equipped with solar panels, thereby contributing toward realizing a decarbonized society. In addition to the commitment to reducing environmental impact, environmentally conscious design (eco-design) and life-cycle assessment have been introduced as part of the product development process. This enables the reduction of electricity consumption in the design and development stages as well as at the product use stage. Hitachi High-Tech also reduces CO2 emissions throughout the value chain by increasing the number of environmentally conscious products.


Address 552-53 Shinkocho, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture 312-8504
Access 20 minutes by taxi from Katsuta Station
Tel 029-273-2111

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