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Materiality 3 Contributing to the Sustained Development of Science and Industry


Basic Ideas and Visions

To develop science and industry, advanced technology that supports them is essential. The Hitachi High-Tech Group supports the improvement of R&D and production sites productivity, as well as higher product quality by fully utilizing and advancing our "measurement and analysis technology", "automation and control technology", "manufacturing capabilities", thereby contributing to the sustainable development of science and industry. In addition, we help develop the next generation by carrying out social contribution activities utilizing our products.

Action Targets

1. Development of science and technology

By developing and providing electron microscopes that enable high-precision observation and analysis, we will contribute to materials and device engineering and the advancement of testing and research of scientific theory. In addition, through science education support activities using tabletop electron microscopes, we will stimulate children’s interest in science and technology through the activity and will contribute to resolution of social issues such as the loss of interest in science and the advancement of science and technology.

2. Achieving resilience at production sites

Through core technologies related to observation, measurement, and analysis; digital technologies such as AI and IoT; and the analysis and utilization of data collected from each process, we will improve the ef¬ciency of production sites and build a flexible and robust production system. We thus aim to contribute to the improvement of productivity and product quality of manufacturing companies.

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan

Analytical & Medical SolutionsAnalytical & Medical Solutions

Nano-Technology SolutionsNano-Technology Solutions

Value Chain SolutionsValue Chain Solutions

Core Technology SolutionsCore Technology Solutions

Content of Initiative

Action Targets 1 Development of science and technology

1 Provide material development solutions that accelerate development speed and contribute to the development and provision of new materials

FY2022 Results

With the launch of MI solutions and semiconductor inspection solution services, it is now possible to improve operational efficiency in the development of semiconductor and other materials

As it has become vital to shift to eco-friendly plastics and other sustainable materials, we expect the use of Materials Informatics (MI), which utilizes AI to improve material development efficiency, to become more widespread. In FY2022, we began offering MI solutions commercialized in 2021 to companies facing challenges in material development and improving efficiency in material formulation and production. These solutions use AI to replace the formulation of candidate experiments previously based on the knowledge, experience, and intuition of experts. The number of experiments can also be reduced through experiment planning support using machine learning, which enables comprehensive reductions in raw materials, labor, and time required for experiments to create new materials, reducing both power consumption and CO2 emissions. Further, we proposed the CG7300, a device used to inspect and measure semiconductors, to a company that develops semiconductor materials, and also suggested the MI solution be incorporated into the raw material blending and material image inspection processes, making it possible to improve efficiency in the analysis of images, which is usually performed by human operators. The company decided to implement these proposals. This is a strong affirmation of our strength in Group collaborations, which facilitate the highly efficient development and inspection of semiconductor materials. Going forward, we will combine MI solutions with our inspection, measurement, analysis, and analytical equipment as a unique approach to the resolution of environmental problems for companies large and small, elevating the overall level of manufacturing, technology, and production in Japan.

Initiatives for FY2024

Launching the provision of services overseas with the aim of contributing to the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields

In FY2023, we will contact Japanese material manufacturers and research institutes overseas to expand MI solutions, as well as solutions related to experimental data management overseas, with the aim of contributing to the efficiency of material development throughout the world.
Further, we will expand the functionality of these solutions by linking them to Chemicals Informatics* (CI). CI solutions will also be utilized in the field of drug discovery to expedite the process of compound discovery and selection.
Additionally, simulating how to utilize selected compounds to create new materials using MI solutions, we will contribute to improving the quality of medical care and people's quality of life (QoL) in both the conventional chemical and materials fields, as well as the drug discovery field.
Today, there is also a demand for the efficient and effective utilization of huge amounts of experimental data. We will link MI solutions with analyzers and other devices we manufacture and sell, and use MI to combine data accumulated by customers using our analyzers to automate analysis. In expanding and offering solutions that can resolve a wider range of customer issues, we aim to realize more efficient material development.


* AI-based search service for compounds needed to develop new materials.

2 Using tabletop electron microscopes in 2 activities supporting science education

FY2022 Results

Expanding activities that strengthen our contribution to achieving the SDGs and collaborating with YouTubers to provide diverse learning opportunities throughout the world

In FY2022, to strengthen our contribution to achieving the SDGs, we expanded our remote science education support activities using tabletop electron microscopes to include small islands and adaptive guidance classrooms that up to now have been difficult to reach.

  • We are also promoting a collaboration with science artist Ichioka Genki’s GENKILABO to stimulate interest in science among all generations. We have posted a total of 79 YouTube videos featuring our products, amassing 48.64 million views (as of March 2023). These videos have received many comments regarding the science behind the videos, as well as interest in our equipment and technologies. In some cases, businesses that were interested in the videos ended up purchasing equipment.
  • These science education support activities will continue to expand globally. To contribute to the development of young scientists in various regions, we established an activity system, and in FY2022, launched related efforts in Malaysia and Indonesia. As a result, Hitachi High-Tech has provided science education support activities to approximately 62,500 people globally.

Initiatives for FY2024

Utilizing various Hitachi High-Tech products in addition to tabletop electron microscopes to support science education activities

In FY2023, we will continue to provide science education support activities to over 50,000 people each year, while also deepening efforts to make science and social issues more accessible through the use of various Company products. We have been loaning tabletop electron microscopes to high schools across Japan for more than 10 years, inspiring many high school students to pursue a career in the sciences. Interviewing students who participated in these activities, one of them said that through research activities they discovered a new self and future dreams. Conveying an image of next-generation science-based personnel in this way contributes to improving the image of science and engineering occupations throughout the world. It also contributes to realizing a society in which science-based personnel are active in corporations, research institutions, and other organizations. In Singapore, we plan to lend tabletop electron microscopes to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, and also plan to conduct programs for educators involving local scientists, teachers, museum staff, and others, as well as workshops aimed at conserving the rich biodiversity of ASEAN countries. Going forward, by communicating the scientific and technological value created by our technologies and products to a wide range of people and providing opportunities for learning, Hitachi High-Tech will continue to promote activities that contribute to the development of science-based personnel.

YouTube videos presented on the GENKILABO website (in Japanese)


Action Targets 2 Achieving resilience at production sites

3 Providing digital service solutions facilitating highly efficient semiconductor productionNano-Technology Solutions​

FY2022 Results

Opening of a center in the U.S. to accelerate semiconductor production through collaboration with customers

Semiconductors are essential for a digital society, as they are used in smartphones, PCs, home appliances, and automobiles, as well as in online systems for companies and by national and local governments. Accordingly, semiconductor-related markets are expected to grow and expand in the future. Semiconductor development requires strict quality and production controls, and must be executed with a sense of speed.
In August 2022, we completed construction of the Nanotechnology Innovation Center Portland, a new integrated development base in the United States. Based on the concept of digital services, we are developing digital service solutions that contribute to shortening the time required for development and improving productivity and yield, which are issues facing customers, by integrating and linking data accumulated in the processing, inspection, measurement, and analysis processes. We will continue to contribute to the development of Observation, Measurement, and Analysis technologies that support the semiconductor market through collaborative creation with customers.

Initiatives for FY2024

In addition to the US, we will establish co-creation centers in Taiwan and South Korea, and are strengthening relationships with customers to accelerate the sophistication and speed of semiconductor development

In FY2023, following efforts in the US, we will establish co-creation centers in Taiwan and South Korea, where advanced semiconductor technology development continues to accelerate. In establishing these facilities, we will be able to accumulate resources near customers and work with them to develop solutions aimed at shortening the time required for development and improving productivity and yield at each stage of the semiconductor manufacturing process. We will work more closely with customers at collaboration centers to develop solutions for semiconductor development and manufacturing.

Nanotechnology Innovation Center Portland exterior

Nanotechnology Innovation Center Portland exterior

4 Providing screening and inspection agency services contributing to operational efficiency and quality improvements by visualizing the entire supply chain

FY2022 Results

Commenced provision of local screening and product inspection services for overseas suppliers

Accident prevention and quality control in manufacturing processes are essential to provide products that users can use safely with peace of mind. We have enhanced our collaboration with TRIGO, one of the world's leading providers of advanced quality services, to conduct screening and inspection operations for suppliers with the aim of providing safe and reliable products. In fiscal 2022, we conducted screenings and inspections of Hitachi Group overseas suppliers.
These efforts prevent the shipment of defective products before they are exported to Japan, and enables us to request alternative products from suppliers, as well as provide feedback and guidance on improving defects.
TRIGO local staff conducts screenings that enable suppliers to understand issues raised with minimal discrepancies. Recently, manufacturing site inspection fraud and accidents have been in the news, but by conducting more thorough screenings and inspections, we will improve safety at manufacturing sites and reduce defective product rates, contributing to the provision of safe and reliable products.

Initiatives for FY2024

Aiming to enhance safety throughout the supply chain and increase manufacturing site efficiency

Amid an increasing awareness of environmental considerations and quality improvements at manufacturing sites, there has been a growing number of situations in recent years where more in-depth screening and inspection services have been required. At present, we are preparing for the future provision of screening and guidance services for chemical substances that have an impact on the environment. Further, with regard to manufacturing processes, we aim to improve the quality of screenings and inspections and expand the scope of work handled, which includes enabling the confirmation of quality control (QC) process charts and actual manufacturing sites. Leveraging TRIGO’s strength in utilizing local staff to conduct screenings and inspections of local suppliers, even in the event of a pandemic such as COVID-19, we will strengthen this collaboration so that the services can be provided not only within the Hitachi Group but also to customers outside the Hitachi Group.


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