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Hitachi Particle Therapy at PTCOG 59 2021 Online

Hitachi attended the PTCOG 59 2021 Online Conference from June 4 to June 7, 2021.
We showcased Hitachi’s Hybrid Particle Therapy System and Hitachi’s synchrotron-based FLASH radiation at our online booth.
At the sponsor symposium, Hitachi gave a presentation with Dr. Hiromitsu Iwata (Nagoya City University West Medical Center) and Masumi Umezawa (Hitachi, Ltd.) with the title of “Hitachi Particle Therapy Solution and Synchrotron-based Ultra-High Dose irradiation (FLASH) capability”.
It was our great pleasure to welcome many viewers and visitors at our booth through the event.

Hitachi Online Booth
Scanning proton FLASH irradiation using a synchrotron accelerator: effects on cultured cells and differences by LET
Hitachi Synchrotron-based Particle Therapy solution and activities for Ultra-High Dose Irradiation (FLASH)