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July 2,2021

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation (President: Takashi Iizumi / Hitachi High-Tech) completed the construction of its new Naka-Marine Site*1 factory in March 2021. In order to commemorate this, "Project QR" was launched by 22 employees from the Naka site who joined the company in FY2020, which involved them creating a giant QR code on the rooftop of the Naka-Marine Site. We are pleased to announce that a webpage has now been set up to showcase the project. The webpage provides an overview of the completed Naka-Marine Site and lists the products designed, developed, and manufactured at the new factory. It also looks back over the project, displaying comments from members who participated and featuring a video created by the participants summarizing the project.

New Employees Created a Giant QR Code on the Rooftop of the New Factory
New Employees Created a Giant QR Code on the Rooftop of the New Factory

The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced networking opportunities for employees who joined the company last fiscal year. We were also unable to avoid the loss of opportunities for people outside the company to learn more about Hitachi High-Tech through face-to-face internships, events and the like. It was under these circumstances that Hitachi High-Tech prepared to welcome the completion of the Naka-Marine Site as a new base for manufacturing evaluation and analysis equipment. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, a project was launched by 22 new employees from the Naka site. The project was led by new employees from different departments and involved them drawing a giant 13.2 × 13.2 m QR code on the rooftop of the Naka-Marine Site by hand and using it to transmit information. We have now developed a new webpage showcasing the project on the Hitachi High-Tech website that tells students, who have had fewer chances to learn about Hitachi High-Tech directly, about the status of the year-long project and see a natural glimpse of how the new employees who worked on it over that time managed.

The webpage introduces the products and projects handled at the Naka-Marine Site, as well as looking back at how the new employees worked hard to design, produce, and complete the giant QR code for their first project, complete with photographs. It also features a video summarizing the process of completing the giant QR code, as well as interviews with the 22 new employees looking back over the year they spent on the project. Go and take a look!

  • *“QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.
  • *1 Naka-Marine Site: A new factory at the Hitachi High-Tech Naka site, completed in March 2021. This smart factory is responsible for the design, development, and production of semiconductor manufacturing and analysis equipment, leading to improve productivity and realize decarbonization through state-of-the-art facility and environmentally friendly operation. Please refer to the press release published on March 22, 2021 for details.
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