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Message from the New President

- Pursuit of Hitachi High-Tech Group’s Unique Nature: Supporting Every Corner of Society -

April 1, 2021

Message from the New President

President and Chief Executive Officer
Takashi Iizumi

Hitachi High-Tech Group has supported all aspects of society and contributed to the realization of a prosperous society by leveraging our core competencies of “Observation, Measurement, and Analysis” (Measurement and Analysis Technologies), “Automation and Control Technologies” and “Manufacturing Capabilities”, in combination with the “Global Sales Capabilities and Business Finding Capabilities” we have cultivated as a trading company specializing in the field of advanced industry. Although we never stand out, if you look carefully, you start to notice Hitachi High-Tech everywhere. — I think that’s what makes the Hitachi High-Tech Group special.

I would like to further pursue the strengths of Hitachi High-Tech Group’s unique nature and thereby “simplify our customers’ high-tech processes” and provide new social and environmental value. Our Group has world-class manufacturing capabilities, customer-facing capabilities to search for customer issues and coordinate internal and external technologies and services, as well as strong product groups and technologies cultivated over many years. If each division gets to know each other’s merits and work together to adapt to changes in the world, and if we make the most of digital technology and combine our strengths, we will surely be able to provide solutions that support society in a wider range of areas. I am confident that if we combine our strengths, we can become a more unique company than ever before, without parallel anywhere in the world.

While we draw upon the strengths of our unique nature, there are also things that we need to change. We are all aware that, in this world where everything is connected digitally, change is progressing at an overwhelming pace. At the same time, problems and changes that exceed our expectations are occurring one after another. The aim of the Digital Transformation project that we are currently advancing company-wide is to create a strong management foundation that can respond to a rapidly changing world. By making the way we work as simple as possible and reforming our business processes so that they are viable worldwide, we will create a flexible and robust management foundation that will not be shaken by sudden changes. If we are bound by past customs and afraid of change, we will be left behind by the changing times. I would like to identify what needs to be upheld and what needs to be changed, and don’t hesitate to make reforms.

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