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2022 New Year’s Greetings from the President

- Enhancement of Hitachi High-Tech Group’s Core Value and Evolution for Further Growth -

Jan 04, 2022


Tokyo, January 4, 2022 – Takashi Iizumi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation delivered this New Year’s Message to employees.

Happy New Year to everyone in the Hitachi High-Tech Group around the world.
Just like in 2020, COVID-19 continued to affect the entire world last year. I would like to express my gratitude once again to all of you for your efforts to keep our business running stably by being diligent about reducing the risk of infection and responding flexibly to changes. There are only three months left in our 2021 Mid-Term Management Plan. Even in this small period of time, any number of big changes could suddenly occur. I want you to be constantly prepared for change, to respond flexibly to change, and to work hard to achieve your respective goals.

This year, our 2024 Mid-Term Management Plan will commence. Under this plan, we will enhance the Hitachi High-Tech Group’s Core Value and take on the challenge of pursuing even higher targets. I believe greater corporate value can be achieved by enhancing our Core Value. We can achieve this through the fusion of digital technology with improvements to Hitachi High-Tech Group’s strengths of Observation, Measurement, and Analysis technology and our global front force. Measurement and analysis data obtained from our core technologies has the potential to solve various social and environmental issues. In pursuit of a sustainable society, we will aim to help solve issues faced by society and our customers more broadly by connecting all our business activities to sustainability as a growth strategy.

For the Hitachi High-Tech Group to remain an organization that continues to be needed 10 or 20 years from now, we ourselves need to evolve further.

One aspect of this evolution is digitalization. The DX Project that we are carrying out at present is an operational reform project. We are fundamentally reviewing complex operational processes and transforming them into simple and speedy business processes. I ask you to reconsider whether your work is simple, from the perspective of total optimization, and to be willing to change, and indeed take the initiative to make changes yourself.

Another aspect of our evolution is work styles. We have already entered the “New Normal” with regards to the way that we work, and there is no going back to the way things were before the COVID-19 pandemic. The way that we work must evolve accordingly so that all Hitachi High-Tech Group’s diverse members can perform well as individuals and as teams. We must all consider how to maximize the benefits of remote work, such as working from home, while also effectively incorporating face-to-face communication.

Let’s contribute widely to the world by increasing core value, evolving in step with changes in the environment, and creating new value.

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