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Automated Cell Culture Equipment ACC-200

iACE2 ACC-200

The Next Step for commercialization of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy
The phase changed from research use to mass production.

Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy are proceeding from research phase to commercialized phase.
Hitachi’s technologies for culturing cells have developed.
Automated Cell Culture Equipment leads to spread Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy.

Development story of ACC-200


Stable supply of high quality cells by automated cell culture process

  • Mass cell production
  • Automation of cell expansion and differentiation
  • Sterile environment by single-use closed module


Function Seeding cells, Medium change, Monitoring and recording images of cells
Number of vessels At most 10
Growth Surface Area About 5,000 cm2 (culture vessel about 500 cm2 × 10 vessels)
(= 100 mm dish × 90 dishes)
Incubator 34 – 40 ℃
Refrigerator Target temperature ± 4 ℃ (except during door opening and closing)
UPS Providing compensation for above 5 minute power failure
(except for refrigerator and temperature control mechanism of incubator unit)
Cell Monitoring  
Methods Scanning by color CCD camera
Target for observation Colonies (>50 μm in diameter)
Field of view About 4 mm × about 3 mm
Field of scanning About 160 mm × about 200 mm
Scheduled Record Available
Dimensions (W×D×H) and weight  
Whole 2,700 mm × 1,300 mm × 2,080 mm, About 1,030 kg
Control unit 570 mm × 1,057 mm × 2,000 mm, About 270 kg
Reagent unit 900 mm × 800 mm × 1,780 mm, About 260 kg(including refrigerator)
Incubator unit 1,100 mm × 1,300 mm × 2,080mm*, About 500 kg
** Height is 1,876 mm in transportation
Power consumption
(AC 100V)
Below 3,500 W
Part11 Restrict access, record operations and revisions of data, clarification of operator, and so on

* Customers are responsible for validating the use of this equipment for their intended therapy.

* Specification and design may be subject to change for use in countries and regions other than Japan.

* For the correct usage, be sure to read the operation manual.


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