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ExTOPE - IoT Service Portal for Smart Instruments

ExTOPE is a service that connects instruments and users via a network, enabling access to measurement results and various instrument-related information anytime, anywhere. As well as providing a space for a new measurement experience, it also helps boost customers' operational efficiency.

Advancing IoT and AI Technology
We gather and analyze data taken from sensors and other instruments at our R&D and production sites with the aim of boosting operational efficiency and creating added value.
Boosting Operational Efficiency and Creating Added Value
Our goal is to enable data from different instruments and locations to be quickly and easily accessed, shared and utilized in any environment.

「ExTOPE」IoT Service Portal for Smart Instruments

An IoT Service Portal Offering New Utility Value to Our Customers
ExTOPE is a portmanteau of "Experience" and "Topos," a Greek word meaning "place." It conveys the idea of a space for a new measurement experience using Hitachi High-Tech instruments.

Developed with Our Customers in Mind
We use creative thinking and repeated evaluation and verification to deepen our understanding of our users' needs. This allows us to clearly define the standard features (the portal) that support the operational process and the add-ons (applications) supporting each operation, in order to hone in on the most essential features.


The portal is equipped with four general-purpose features as standard.

Use Case

Providing a wide range of value to each stakeholder

OperatorsIncreased operational efficiency between remote locations

Previously, measurement data could only be obtained by directly operating the instrument, making it difficult to store and export large amounts of data.

Now measurement data and instrument displays can be shared remotely between operators, enabling measurement, analysis and evaluation operations to be carried out more efficiently.

AdministratorsIncreased status-monitoring efficiency

Previously, instrument status needed to be monitored constantly from the immediate vicinity to ensure stability.

Now operational information can be monitored quickly and remotely, enabling administrators to grasp the status of instruments at any time, from anywhere.

ManagersEffective use of assets

Previously, it was difficult to accurately grasp when and how instruments were operating.

Now operation records can be presented visually and operation methods revised to enable more efficient use of instruments.

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Inquiries relating to ExTOPE

Manage and visualize instrument measurement data

  • Bulk manage measurement data from multiple different models by folder.
  • Check in instrument data that has been gathered automatically.
  • Drag and drop to copy, transfer and delete data.
  • Display measurement data by instrument category.
  • Search and filter measurement data.
  • Basic measurement data management menu (download, upload, preview, lock and more).

Bulk manage using the instrument scheduler (for booking management) and recipes (for measurement parameters)

<Manage bookings for customer-owned instruments>
  • Assign a setting to each booking, from general, high-importance or maintenance (color-coded for added visibility).
  • Add and remove instruments manually.
<Bulk manage instrument measurement parameters>
  • Upload and download measurement parameters.
  • Transfer parameter files to the G/W PC supporting the instruments (or transfer the same parameters in bulk to multiple PCs).

Manage and visualize operational information through a dashboard (displaying instrument status)

<Display instrument status graphically>
  • Display power status, data transfer status and error occurrences.
  • Display the operating ratio/uptime over a year, month or day (selectable by the user).
<Bulk manage instrument operational information>
  • Automatically gather and store instrument operational information.
  • Display up-to-date, detailed instrument operational status.
  • Display operational information trends as necessary.

User group internal chat and bulletin board for customers

<User group internal chat>
  • Real-time chat for pre-set user groups (max. 200 characters per message, messages automatically removed after one month).
<User bulletin board for customers>
  • Bulletin board feature for all customer users (max. 300 characters per post, post retention period adjustable).
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