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2021/11/30New Products Videos from Yamashita Materials FPC

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We, Yamashita Materials Corporation, are a manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards.
This time, we introduce two types of flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) in the video.

  1. BigElec, FPC for large current
    The unique structure provides the conductor with thick and flat shape, allowing it to carry a larger current than standard FPCs.
    By using polyimide as the base material, surface insulation and bending are ensured.
    It’s ideal for wiring in narrow spaces.
    In addition, by branching conductors in parallel, the inductance is lower than that of a wire with the same cross-sectional area, so stable power can be supplied.
    The video shows the situation where it is bent by hand and 80A and 100A are applied.

    BigElec, FPC for large current

  2. Low Repulsion/ High-Speed Transmission FPC
    This is a Low-repulsion FPC with a stripline structure that is excellent in noise suppression.
    The repulsive force is reduced to approximately 1/3 while maintaining the transmission loss up to 10 GHz equal to that of three-layer FPCs of conventional structure. It is expected to improve assembling operability and be used for movable parts.
    The video shows the excellent flexibility and the loop stiffness test.

    Low Repulsion/ High-Speed Transmission FPC

Other than the above, we also offer the various types/structures of FPCs, including FPC for high frequency transmission for TOSA/ROSA, separated multi-layer FPC for card edge connector, and multi-layer FPC up to 8 layers.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks again for your attention.

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