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2022/01/18VLC webinar for Wafer-level Test

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Please let us introduceHitachi High-Tech have uploaded the webinar held by ficonTEC, which VLC Photonicshas joined as one of the speakers to our website.

This webinar titled as PIC Testing with Wafer-level Test Systems was organized by ficonTEC last year.
VLC Photonicsis offering the characterization service for PIC with ficonTEC test equipment, and in this webinar, VLC Photonics introduce their capability of Wafer-level testing including their customization efforts to the equipment.

Please access to the webinar fromhere.
(Please scroll down on the website and you can find the movie. webinar is around 30 minutes.)

Webinar overview:
CEO ofVLC Photonics, Iñigo Artundo introduce the Wafer-level Test technology offered by VLC Photonics and Q&A session between ficonTEC and Iñigo Artundo.

  • PIC testing needs and challenges
  • Overview of PIC testing solutions by VLC Photonics: Automated Wafer-level Testing
  • Edge coupling testing technology for Wafer-Level Testing
  • Q&A session, Take-aways

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