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2023/05/10VLC Photonics Launching of LCA

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VIn this mail magazine, we introduce progress of VLC Photonics S.L, a group company of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, in installing new measurement equipment.

VLC Photonics S.L provides high optical/electrical characterization services at both “Die Level” and “Wafer Level” for customers who developing “PIC; Photonics Integrated Circuit”.
Nowadays, the application of photonics integrated circuit to products has been advanced, and the number of cases reaching mass production is increasing.

Especially in the optical communications market, the development of high-speed modulators/photodiodes by integrated Silicon with different materials such as LNOI and Polymer, in addition to Si modulators and InP modulators, has increased the importance of their characterization.

And this time, VLC has introduced and installed a new “LCA; Lightwave Component Analyzer” in response to these demand for high-frequency pass-bandwidth measurement services.

  • Maker:Keysight
  • Equipment:Lightwave Component Analyzer
  • Product Number:N4372E
  • Available measurement pass-bandwidth : up to 110GHz
  • Progress of installing equipment : already done, available measurement service.

This new equipment/facility enables us to support the high-frequency measurement of beyond 100G baud products, which have recently been introduced in optical network and data centers.
In addition, it is possible to measure not only at “Die Level” but also at “Wafer Level”, which can contribute to the determination of KGD (Known Good Die) and wafer yield before the process input in the case of mass production.


Opto-Communications Dept.
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

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