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  7. 2023/05/24 JFC Development Update of ConCavity Submount

2023/05/24JFC Development Update of ConCavity Submount

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This time we would like to introduce the latest development activity of Ceramic Submount products at JFC (Japan Fine Ceramic) and that is called ConCavity Submount.

Generally, height of Laser Chip is around 0.1mm and groove depth of ConCavity Submount is also 0.1mm, tinned with AuSn Solder and makes 2 Wire Bond Pad surfaces are the same plane after Laser Chip bonding.
This unique Submount may contribute to improving performance of Laser by minimizing of Au Wire length between RF Signal Line and Laser Chip.

Current development phase at JFC is still feasibility study and exploring how to fabricate.
Below figure is conceptual graphic for ConCavity Submount, just for reference.


For more details, please contact our sales at each region and location.

Thanks for your attention.

Opto-Communications Dept.
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

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