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  7. 2023/06/09 FAC Lens by ALPS ALPINE

2023/06/09FAC Lens by ALPS ALPINE

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This time we would like to introduce development activity of FAC Lens scripted and posted by Chou Pei Sheng of ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS MARKETING DEPT. GROUP3 ALPS ALPINE as follows:

This is Chou Pei Sheng from ALPSALPINE CO., LTD. who is in charge of planning and development of new product.
FAC (Fast-Axis Collimator) lenses (Cylindrical lens) are optical devices used in laser diodes (LD) and optical fiber communications.
High-power LD light has an elliptical shape, and the one with the larger divergence angle is called the Fast axis, and the one with the smaller divergence angle is called the slow axis.

FAC Lens

FAC lenses are used to efficiently collimate the larger divergence angle through the lens, and we have achievements of using them in industrial lasers, pump lasers for optical communications, optical amplifiers, etc., and we are considering further development in automotive LiDAR and other applications in the future.
We use the glass mold method, which supports high-quality dimensional accuracy and has the characteristics of high productivity.

FAC Lens application example

In addition, with the aim of simplifying the man-hours in the customer's assembly process, we can flexibly respond to requirements such as light source height, optical path length, package dimensions, etc., and respond to various shapes.
In addition, with the aim of "reducing the number of parts" and "saving space" in the customer's process, we are also studying the development of composite parts such as aspherical lens + cylindrical lens, with mirror, with lens holder, and FAC + SAC.

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Thanks for your attention.

Opto-Communications Dept.
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

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