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  7. 2024/04/11 Announcing VLC Photonics strategic partners with OpenLight

2024/04/11Announcing VLC Photonics strategic partners with OpenLight

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VLC Photonics partners with OpenLight Strengthen the partnership in eco-system to speed up the market deployment of Photonic Integrated Circuit

VLC Photonics S.L.(VLC), a Hitachi group company who offers photonic design and test house, announced the strategic partnership with OpenLight Photonics Inc.(OpenLight), the world leader in custom PASIC(Photonic Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip design and manufacturing.

VLC will now offer the design and test services based on the PDK(Process Design Kit) offered by OpenLight. This PDK is developed on Tower Semiconductor PH18DA process, which allows clients to access the active and passive components, offering advanced access to silicon photonics with heterogeneous integration.

On the design side, VLC will support a growing customer base to provide the layout service based on the Synopsys OptoCompiler. And with regards to the test side, VLC will help OpenLight customers with its capabilities on fully automated vertical and edge-coupling die and wafer level characterization, as well as high-speed testing up to 110 GHz. These services from VLC will complement and speed up the development cycle of PIC of OpenLight customers. Also this collaboration will contribute VLC customers, especially for the customers who want to explore the heterogenous integration technology, to have access to one of the best platforms in the world with the established support by VLC.
“By integrating industry-leading expertise and resources from OpenLight with best-in-class design and test services offered by VLC Photonics, we are empowering our customers to tackle unique development challenges, broaden their design repertoire, and overcome compatibility hurdles,” said Dr. Adam Carter, CEO of OpenLight. “This is an exciting step forward for our company as we continue to scale and attract more customers through this year.”
“Aiming to provide access to best-in-class platforms to our customers, this partnership will also be fundamental in expanding our vision with Hitachi for maturing and growing the integrated photonics industry, especially in the emerging area of hybrid integration,” said Iñigo Artundo, CEO of VLC Photonics. “After supporting PIC customers for over 12 years, we know that speeding the development cycle and lowering the risks when facing a tape-out are key, as well as being able to later on perform the PIC characterization in a reliable and scalable way. We are excited to work with OpenLight now to provide solutions to all these challenges.”
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About VLC Photonics
VLC Photonics, a Hitachi group company, is a design and test house offering photonic engineering services, operating in a pure-play and fabless way over all the main material platforms (e.g.: Si, SiN, PLC, InP, GaAs, TFNL), in partnership with an extensive network of +20 foundries. The company offers its photonic integration services for multiple markets like telecom/datacom, LIDAR, quantum, microwave photonics, optical computing, photonic sensing, optical instrumentation, biophotonics, etc. For more information, visit our website.

About OpenLight
OpenLight is the world leader in custom PASIC design. OpenLight’s PASIC technology integrates all the components of silicon photonics devices, both active and passive components, into one chip. Our executive and engineering teams deliver the world’s first open silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers to improve the performance, power efficiency, and reliability of designs for telecom, datacom, LiDAR, healthcare, HPC, AI, and optical computing applications. With over 200 patents, OpenLight is bringing optical solutions to places it has never been before and enabling technologies and innovation that weren’t previously possible. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA with offices in Silicon Valley. Read more at OpenLight website.

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Our department has been renamed as Innovative Photonics Solutions from Apr.2024
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