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Hitachi High-Tech

Hitachi Model IM4000 Ion Milling System has been well accepted in the fields of semiconductor devices or various materials for preparing SEM specimens to eliminate surface deformation, flaws, and artifacts or damage-less cross-sections. Cumulative unit numbers of installation are over 500 units since launched in November 2010, higher throughput and precision milling are being requested in conjunction with its increased demands. Now that IM4000Plus having newly developed ion gun has been introduced in the line-up to respond the demands.

Main Features

  1. The new high density ion gun allows the IM4000Plus to achieve a 500 µm/hr milling rate1)
  2. Advanced thermal damage reduction capability by ion beam intermittent irradiation function2)
  3. The new cryo system with precise temperature control (option)3)
Si protrudes 100 µm from the mask edge
The ion beam intermittent irradiation available with both the cross-section milling and the Flatmilling systems
The new cryo system is available with the cross-section milling only

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