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We have released the F-7100 as an enhanced version of the F-7000. This instrument will be of use for research, quality control, and education spanning a wide variety of fields of research in which demand has been growing, including industrial materials such as LEDs and solar-cell materials, environmental science, food inspection, and life sciences.

Main Features

  1. Best-in-class high-sensitivity detector system
    Best-in-class high-sensitivity detector system The F-7100 achieves a high sensitivity [S/N(P-P): 360 or higher, S/N(RMS): 1,200 or higher] that exceeds the sensitivity of the existing F-7000 model by a factor of approximately 1.5.
  2. Best-in-class long-life optical source
    The F-7100 is equipped with a long-life xenon lamp as a light source. The lifetime (number of hours of use) of this source is 2,500 hours, a fivefold increase over the 500-hour lifetime of the standard lamp installed in the existing F-7000 model.
  3. Improved software functionality
    We have augmented the popular "FL Solutions" software from the existing F-7000 model to include several new features that improve the instrument’s ease-of-use for routine analyses. These features include (a) a fluorescent-intensity standardization feature that corrects for day-to-day variations or instrumental discrepancies in fluorescent intensity, and (b) comprehensive file output of three-dimensional measurement data to support fluorescent fingerprint analysis.


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