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We have released the UH4150AD spectrophotometer as an enhanced version of our popular UH4150 spectrophotometer. The UH4150AD is customized for high-absorption, ultra-low-transmission measurements. This instrument may be used for characterization and quality control of optical films for band-pass filters and cutoff filters.

Main Features

  1. Allows measurements of ultra-low transmission/high-absorption over a wide spectral range of 8 Abs (UV/visible regions).
    The use of a new grating-grating double monochromator reduces stray light in the spectrometer, resulting in a high photometric range (8 Abs) in the UV-Vis.
  2. Parallel beams allow high-precision measurements of specular reflection.*1
    By installing an integrating sphere on the UH4150AD, parallel-beam measurements similar to those available on the current model*2 become possible. In particular, the use of parallel beams ensures that the incident angle is essentially uniform across the sample, allowing high-precision measurements of specular reflection.
  3. The UH4150AD sample chamber adopts the same structure as that of the sample chamber of the current model.*2
    The UH4150AD sample chamber was designed to adopt the same structure as the sample chamber on the current model; this sample chamber was popular among users for the ease with which it allowed large samples to be positioned and the extendibility afforded by its vast range of accessories.
With integrating sphere installed
The UH4150 spectrophotometer

The UH4150AD spectrophotometer

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