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As a new autosampler for Chromaster series, we have developed 5280 autosampler, an instrument that adopts the direct-injection method with a pressure rating of 60 MPa.
In addition, we have newly released ChromasterUltra Rs 6310 column oven - a part of ChromasterUltra Rs lineup- for use with Chromaster system.

Key features of 5280 autosampler

  1. Direct-injection architecture
    The adoption of the direct-injection architecture allows a tiny volume of the sample to be injected with no loss.
    5280 autosampler can be connected to other instruments in Chromaster series to allow use as a conventional liquid chromatography.
  2. 60 MPa pressure rating
    60 MPa pressure rating allows the use of columns with particle sizes of 2 µm or less, as well as core-shell columns. This improves separation performance and reduces analysis times.

Key features of 6310 column oven

  1. Wide temperature control range
    6310 column oven uses Peltier temperature-control method, allowing the temperature to be controlled over a wide range of room temperatures -15 to +75°C. With a temperature-setting range of 4-90°C, the instrument allows the collection of application data at a temperature of 85°C or above, a region that was difficult to control using the previous-generation 5310 column oven.
  2. Outstanding temperature-increase/cooling times
    The time required to raise the temperature from a room temperature of 25 to 40°C is only 4 minutes. With significantly improved heating and cooling power, there is no need to wait long periods of time for the instrument to reach the desired temperature, reducing system startup time.

Chromaster system (including 6310 column oven)

Fig. 1 Chromaster system (including 6310 column oven)

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