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Hitachi High-Tech

The innovative "ZONE II Tabletop Specimen Cleaner" uses UV-based cleaning technology to minimize or eliminate hydrocarbon contamination for electron microscopy imaging.
Specimen contamination can severely limit image quality and application utility of the scanning electron microscope. During sample preparation techniques through chemical or atmospheric interactions, hydrocarbons can non-covalently attach to the specimen surface. As the electron beam penetrates the specimen, the hydrocarbons can polymerize on the specimen surface. This formed layer alters the sample and interferes with SEM imaging. Cleaning the specimen surface by removing hydrocarbons prior to imaging yields better results and higher quality images.
The "ZONE II for SEM" utilizes vacuum-controlled UV irradiation and activated oxygen to gently and rapidly "clean" the specimen surface prior to imaging without the use of any chemicals, gases, or reagents. With a lab-friendly footprint and intuitive touch screen, the second generation "ZONE II" is a safe, easy-to-use addition to any laboratory.


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