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Hitachi has released the "ArBlade 5000", our top of the line ion-milling system for producing exceptional quality cross section or flat-milling samples for electron microscopy. The "ArBlade 5000" is the newest addition to Hitachi's ionmilling system, designed to meet the advanced and high-throughput milling requirements for high-resolution scanning electron microscopy.
The "ArBlade 5000" is equipped with a fast-milling Ar ion gun with a milling rate twice as high as that of the current instrument, thus dramatically reducing the processing time for cross-section milling. Additionally, touch-panel operation enhances the ease of use, which includes an auto-start function. To meet large area milling requirements for electronic device applications, the new cross-section milling holder is developed for wider area fabrication. This holder enables higher throughput for not only electronic devices, but also hard materials such as ceramics and composite materials as well.

Key advantages of the ArBlade 5000

  1. New fast-milling Ar ion gun (cross-section milling rate: 1 mm/hr or faster)
  2. Holder for wide-area cross-section milling, allowing milling of samples up to 8 mm in width.
  3. New and improved operating interface with an LCD touch panel.
  4. Hybrid ion-milling system supporting both cross-section milling and Flat milling.

ArBlade 5000

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