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Hitachi has released the HM1000, an instrument for simple and rapid detection of phthalates—a class of chemicals that will be restricted by the EU RoHS directive after July 2019. Phthalates are plasticizers that soften resins, rubbers, and other similar materials; they are widely used in chloride products such as wire sheaths, electrical insulation tape, and packaging films. Conventional methods for detecting phthalates suffer from a number of drawbacks—including lengthy, sample preparation, the need for large quantities of solvents or costly helium gas, and complicated instrument maintenance. Demand has grown for screening instruments that allow easy phthalates detection for the procurement process and on the factory floor.
The HM1000 requires less than 10 minutes to measure the phthalate content of a single sample, and its autosampler allows continuous, automated analysis of up to 50 samples. The instrument is operated through a single, customized software environment. Procedures from sample analysis to reporting the type and percent content of each phthalate present can be easily automated. The HM1000 is a revolution in phthalate analysis that will reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Photo : The HM1000 Thermal Desorption MS: An Instrument for Phthalates Screening

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