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Since 1962, Hitachi has offered amino acid analyzers as measurement instruments specifically designed for ion-exchange chromatography analysis (postcolumn ninhydrin derivatization). These tools are used for a wide range of purposes—from measurements of the umami components of foodstuffs or the active ingredients in health supplements to quality control for biopharmaceutical products—and the just-released AminoSAAYA LA8080 high speed amino acid analyzer represents the 8th-generation model in this evolution.

Key Features

  1. AminoSAAYA is comfortable.
    The ergonomic design of the instrument carefully accounts for the operator's working lines and procedural motions. The use of a new technique for ninhydrin reagents—in which two liquids are blended immediately before the derivatization reaction—eliminates the need for refrigeration. Standard commercially available products may be used for the buffer liquid (eluent) and the reaction reagent.
  2. AminoSAAYA is compact.
    AminoSAAYA is the first instrument of its type to adopt a desktop configuration, an innovative redesign of previous standalone models. Moreover, the new design occupies some 30% less surface area than its predecessors. The instrument features convenience for storing solution bottles and a vial rack, and its front-access design facilitates operations such as exchanging columns and seals.
  3. AminoSAAYA is reliable.
    Like predecessors instruments such as the L-8800 and L-8900, AminoSAAYA is designed to support many types of ion-exchange chromatography analysis methods. High-stability ninhydrin reactions ensure high precision in analyses of protein hydrolyzate and physiological fluid.

Photo : Model LA8080 High Speed Amino Acid Analyzer

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