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Service & Support (Analytical Systems)

Service & Support

Analytical equipment is indispensable in a wide array of fields, including food, drugs, materials, and the environment. We provide integrated support to reliably extract and manage analytical results.

In addition to use in the food and drug industry, new material development, and environment-related fields, analytical equipment is utilized in the production and inspection processes carried out by manufacturers. How the analytical data that has been extracted from equipment is used in customers' businesses is a key point. We anticipate the next step that the customer aims to achieve and provide integrated support that includes equipment installation, maintenance services, and highly reliable data management.

Main Products

Spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, high performance liquid chromatographs, high speed amino acid analyzers, chromatographic data processing systems, liquid chromatograph mass spectrometers for protein analysis, and imported equipment such as permeation instruments

Image of High performance liquid chromatograph

High performance liquid chromatograph

Image of Polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Image of UV-visible/NIR spectrophotometer

UV-visible/NIR spectrophotometer

Main Services

  • Preventive maintenance
    By performing regular maintenance based on the equipment's operating status, we maintain equipment performance and ensure stable operation.
  • Validation service
    We provide performance maintenance services for various scientific instruments and peripheral devices, thereby ensuring that they have the reliability required by GLP, GMP, and ISO.
  • Installation and relocation
    We perform proper installation and relocation of equipment. We also accept consultations about transporting general facilities and relocating equipment made by other companies.
  • Corrective maintenance
    We update scientific instruments and the software used with such instruments.
  • Application support
    We provide technical support to maximize use of equipment functions and to perform sample measurement optimally.
  • Reduction of environmental load
    We offer consultations on reducing various types of environmental load, such as by reducing use of energy and resources as well as by reusing equipment.
  • Sale of peripheral equipment and software
    We offer peripherals, application software, and management software to improve usability.

* The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.

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