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Service & Support (Healthcare)

Service & Support

Automatic analytical equipment is used to support clinical examinations. We maintain the reliability of such equipment by providing services that utilize our vast experience, thereby supporting medical practices that help patients every day.

Automatic analyzers and sample inspection automation systems process patient blood samples and other samples that are taken daily in vast quantities. Patient diagnosis can be significantly affected if these equipment and systems suffer any downtime. We provide services that match each individual customer's needs based on a vast amount of field data, and we strive to be a partner that supports all medical professionals who use our equipment on a daily basis, thereby helping to keep patients healthy.

Main Products

Automatic biochemical analyzers, sample pre-processing systems, gene-related testing systems, and high purity water production systems

Image of Automatic analyzer

Automatic analyzer

Image of Automatic analyzer

Automatic analyzer

Image of High purity water production system

High purity water production system

Main Services

  • Preventive maintenance
    By performing regular maintenance based on the equipment's operating status, we maintain equipment performance and ensure stable operation.
  • Remote support
    Our specialized engineers provide detailed support for equipment through remote fault notification, remote operation support, and regular reports.
  • Installation of seismic isolators
    We assist in implementing earthquake resistance measures for equipment.
  • Reduction of environmental load
    We offer consultations on reducing various types of environmental load, such as by reducing use of energy and resources as well as by reusing equipment.
  • Sale of software
    We offer various types of application software for equipment, such as data receiving software, and operation monitoring systems to monitor the operating statuses of multiple machines.

* The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.

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