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Service & Support (Measurement control systems)

Service & Support

Our measurement control systems function as the brains of plant control, handling everything from social infrastructure facilities such as public water/sewerage services and electricity to environmental facilities and manufacturing facilities. We support facilities' stable operation by understanding the world beyond the plant.

In public water/sewage facilities and electrical facilities, where there is no allowance for even momentary stoppages, and at production sites that experience dramatic changes in demand for quality, safety, and environmental needs as well as from international expansion, measurement control systems play an essential role as the brains behind plant control. In addition to our technical services to maintain stable operation of equipment, our support covers all facets, including measurement system design, construction, and remote diagnostics.

Main Products

Measurement equipment for various processes and measurement, control, and production management systems for various plants; various water quality analyzers; telemetry equipment; dioxin precursor monitors; and PCB monitors

Image of Integrated instrumentation system

Integrated instrumentation system

Image of High-performance electromagnetic flowmeter

High-performance electromagnetic flowmeter

Image of Reagent-free water supply quality monitor

Reagent-free water supply quality monitor

Main Services

  • Preventive maintenance
    By performing regular maintenance based on the equipment's operating status, we maintain equipment performance and ensure stable operation.
  • Conservation planning and management support
    To ensure stable operation and to reduce costs, we provide support ranging from long-term conservation planning to evaluation and correction.
  • Engineering support
    We provide support for small-scale system overhauls based on the SLC instrumentation language.
  • System management support
    We provide total support for customers' systems, from measurement and evaluation of installation environments to 24-7 management remote support for systems and equipment all the way to management of backup media for software and spare parts.
  • Installation environment diagnosis
    We measure environmental factors that can affect equipment operation and performance, such as environmental corrosion and transmission noise, and propose solutions.
  • Corrective maintenance
    We provide updating support for improving functionality and reliability, as well as make improvements in environments and operability and reduce energy consumption by introducing the latest tools, and upgrade computers and peripherals.
  • Technical training support
    We provide training on monitoring operation and engineering techniques that are useful in the field in accordance with customer needs.

* The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.

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