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Service & Support (Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment)

Service & Support

As the roles of semiconductors broaden due to the increasing popularity of the IoT and AI, we are responding to our customers' diverse needs in all stages, from the production line to inspection and evaluation systems.

The social infrastructure that supports our daily lives and the digital appliances that enrich them contain semiconductors. As the IoT and AI become more widespread, the roles of semiconductors are broadening. To meet diverse needs, including the needs of customers who want to use the latest equipment and the needs of customers who desire to use equipment for a long time, we offer a wide range of services, from equipment maintenance to the sale of refurbished products.

Main Products

Etch systems, measuring equipment, wafer surface inspection systems

Image of Conductor etch system

Conductor etch system

Image of Advanced CD Measurement SEM

Advanced CD Measurement SEM

Image of Wafer surface inspection system

Wafer surface inspection system

Main Services

  • Preventive maintenance
    Based on equipment's operating status, past maintenance, and parts replacement history, we provide preventive maintenance services matched to the customer's needs in order to maintain equipment performance and to ensure stable operation.
  • Corrective maintenance
    We can shorten the cycle time (processing time) by overhauling or upgrading in order to improve equipment performance and function. We can also update various kinds of software.
  • Commissioned analysis
    We analyze and evaluate semiconductor processes with advanced techniques that we developed on cutting-edge semiconductor production lines.
  • Consultancy service
    To maximize equipment usage, we diagnose and analyze the equipment status and provide appropriate advice on how to improve the operating rate and maintain stable operation. We also offer support for boosting the degree of automatization by optimizing the evaluation and inspection list, suggestions for improving equipment function, and support for increasing productivity by ensuring a stable supply of expendable supplies.
  • Reduction of environmental load
    We offer consultations on reducing various types of environmental load, such as by reducing use of energy and resources as well as by reusing and refurbishing equipment.

* The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.

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