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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Roll Press / Roll Laminator

  • High accuracy press
  • Top-selling press in Japan
  • 2 demonstration lines permanently available


  • Roll centering accuracy within 1/1000 mm
    ⇒Maintains quality in the material flow direction
  • Roll bending correction equipment comes as standard (roll deflection correction)
    ⇒Maintains quality in the material crosswise direction

Roll bending correction equipment

Roll centering accuracy


  • Lithium ion battery materials
  • Nickel–metal hydride battery materials
  • Materials used in flexible printed circuit boards
  • Various types of plastic film
  • Various types of high temperature/high pressure molding materials, and more

Test devices are permanently available (sample testing possible)

  • Temperature specification: Room temperature to max.°C
  • Quantity: Reels off up to 3 sheets
  • Effective handling width: Up to max. 550 mm

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